captionDifference between Dying Beads and other dessicantsSeed Storage with Drying Beads


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Difference between Dying Beads and other dessicants

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Seed Storage with Drying Beads

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Seed/Grain Drying & Storage

Drying is very crucial just before the seeds are subjected to processing, its very important to reduce Seed Moisture Content to acceptable level of below 15% to prevent damage to the seeds. Some of Drying technology that we offers are;




Model: 100 L FBM

Made: Centor Group, Europe


Fluid Bed Mini Dryer

‘Simple and easy drying of small seed lots’

The Fluid Bed Mini Dryer is one of our most flexible dryers available, it can dry almost everywhere in your company. It just needs a power connection and it is ready to dry. With the internal heating system combined with a PI controlled thermostat the temperature of the seeds never get to high.

The simple operating panel is very easy to use, just set the right amount of drying time or dry constantly. A valve on the air fan makes the airflow adjustable so you can set it to an optimal fluidized bed. After the drying process you release the drying container and empty it into your next process step.

For the emptying out of the aluminium material hoppers we have a special lifting device available, see the MCED in this catalog.

Standard equipped with:

  • Most efficient fluid bed system available in the industry
  • Standard ‘plug and dry’ version
  • Electrical PI controlled heating system
  • High flexibility, mounted on 4 swivel wheels, dry where you want
  • Standard with 100 liter aluminium bucket
  • Drying on time or continuously.

Model:8 L  FBL

Made: Centor Group, Europe

Fluid Bed Lab Dryer

“New design for a larger capacity and easy to handle”

The FBL is one of our smallest dryers, which should be in every seed coating/pelleting laboratory. It is specially made to dry small seed lots with the fluid bed principle. The new design makes the FBL capable to dry lots from 0.2 to 8 litres. (Depending on products used). Because of the temperature controlled integrated heating system the seed temperature is monitored during the drying process.

The material cylinder is easy to change, just pull it out of the machine, empty it, and put in the next sample of seeds. Optionally a smaller cylinder can be delivered to dry lots from 200gr up to 2 liters.

Because of its technical design the noise of the dryer is very low. The frequency controlled fan in combination with the isolated air outlet makes it a very user friendly machine. This is very important for the most laboratory equipment.

Standard equipped with

  • Standard plug and dry version
  • Integrated electrical heating system
  • Material cylinder for up to 6-8 litres of seed
  • 400V standard connection
  • Standard mounted on 4 swivel wheels, dry wherever you want
  • Low noise, because of the technical design

All advantages of a low budget fluid bed system

drybox demo

Model: 8 L DryBox®

Made: Centor Group, Thailand

*Available sizes:

  • 650 ml
  • 1 450 ml
  • 8.4L
  • 16 L

* Other sizes available on request



DryBox® is a new system to dry and store seeds using the drying beads under almost optimal conditions. DryBox® comes with built-in digital thermo-hygrometer that gives direct reading of Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature inside the hermetically sealed container. From the RH value, user can easily determine the equilibrium seed moisture content (SMC) of the seeds stored in the container.

By referring to RH range storage chart beside the thermo-hygrometer, user can easily adjust the SMC of the stored seeds to the desired range by adding drying beads.

DryBox® proposed as a new alternative to store the seed in an economical way for both short-term and long-term storage. in a sealed low humidity environment, the Drybox® storage will give greater longevity to your seeds.

drystore prototype

 Model: 100L Drystore®

 Made: Centor Group, Thailand


Following Roberts EH (1972),  Rhino Research developed the DryStore which integrate drying beads as the absorbent to reduce the seed moisture content. With 100L capacity DryStore can be used to dry and store large volume of seeds under almost optimal conditions. The Drystore also has 3 built-in thermohygrometer and the colour chart providing the drying zone to help the seedmen to closely monitor the Moisture Content of the seeds dried/stored

 Drystore reference chart

drying mat

Sizes available:

  • 1.4m x 2.5m
  • 1.4m x 4m
  • 1.4x 6m
  • 1.4 x 8m

Made: Moodoenergy, Korea

Infrared Drying Mat

Drying using Drying Mat is achieved through heat radiation from a large number of far infrared rays. The heat radiation from far infrared rays dries the farming products by vibrating the molecules from the inside, and in turn generating heat, so that the shape of the product is retained through the drying process, and color and nutrients are not lost.

By providing a means of coping with the lack of drying facilities during the rainy season, of consistently maintaining crops harvested during the wet season, and of preventing damage by spoiling of farming products such as red pepper, white radish, pumpkin, and fruits, this Drying Mat contributes to the commercialization and production of high-quality farming products.