captionDifference between Dying Beads and other dessicantsSeed Storage with Drying Beads


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Difference between Dying Beads and other dessicants

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Seed Storage with Drying Beads

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RR Moisture

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Seed moisture is a very important factor for seed quality. On one hand water is needed for a seed to germinate and to ensure that the germ can develop successfully into a plant. But on the other hand water does play a very negative effect on seed quality during processing and storage.

Measuring seed moisture content has always been a difficult job. Most available system are, time consuming such as the oven method or imprecise such as measuring conductivity, or costly such as the NIR method. Therefore we do propose an alternative way for measuring seed moisture content through the measurement of water activity.

An incorporated software package is translating this water activity into your classical seed moisture content (using standard or adapted oil content percentages).


Picture1 RR Mosture



  • Water activity probes: Measurement range 0-1 (0-100%RH), -45 to 85 °C.
  • Sample holder 14 mm: These stainless steel sample holders were developed specifically for the water activity probes. The sample holder provides excellent sample containment and optimum temperature stability.
  • Sample containers: Pack of 100 sample containers for a 14 mm sample holder.
  • Clamp sealing mechanism: In the case of very moist or very dry samples additional sealing of the probe and holder maybe necessary to prevent condition influencing the sample.


Features and Benefits

  • Non-destructive method and therefore particularly useful for small sample of seed with high commercial (e.g. hybrid seed) or genetic value.
  • Can be used for coated, encrusted and pelleted seeds.
  • Provides information on the water status in the seed – there is a direct relationship between water activity and seed longevity.
  • Can be used to determine the moisture in the seed for short and long term storage.


Technical Specifications

RR test Spec