captionDifference between Dying Beads and other dessicantsSeed Storage with Drying Beads


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Difference between Dying Beads and other dessicants

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Seed Storage with Drying Beads

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Q2 Oxygen Sensing Technology

The Q2 Oxygen Sensing Technology is a revolution in seedQ2 machine 1 testing for basic research and commercial operations alike. It provides a fast and accurate measurement of the germination level of a seed lot. In addition, Q2 data is more robust and defining than traditional germination tests. Depending on the species, the estimated time needed will be between 24 and 120 hours. You will easily determine dead, dormant or actively germinating seeds.

The key innovation to the Q2 Oxygen Sensing Technology is that oxygen consumption is directly and proportionately related to energy use. Thus, a seed’s energetic potential can be determine measuring its oxygen consumption in a simulated field environment. To characterize a greater population or seed lot, measuring respiration and metabolism seed by seed is thus very precise and accurate using the Q2Instrument. Measuring energy use can give us new insights on germination and vigor in one single test and in a quick and high quality fashion.

The Q2 Instrument can give you results far quicker than a germination test. Imbibition is characterized by an increased amount of oxygen consumption. Besides a very fast detection of germinating seeds, much more information can be found in the results of this single test.


Q2 test can be used for (but is not limited to) the following purposes:

  • Separation of vigorous form non-vigorous seeds for breeding purposes
  • Measuring the vigor and relative growth rate of a seed lot
  • Detection of dormant seeds versus dead seedPicture1 Q2
  • Parameter calculations in seed treatment processes
  • Fast prediction of germination
  • Control and detection of microbial contaminations
  • Insights to the homogeneity of a seed lot
  • Control of quality and aging of inventory

Different possibilities (seed)

  • Fast germination tool
  • Complete picture of seed vigor
  • Easy control over seed processes
  • Predicting the feasibility of priming methods
  • Help in breeding programs
  • Easy and fast control of aging seed inventory
  • Checking bacterial and fungi contamination
  • ….


Technical Specification

spec Q2

Q2 graph