captionDifference between Dying Beads and other dessicantsSeed Storage with Drying Beads


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Difference between Dying Beads and other dessicants

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Seed Storage with Drying Beads

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CF Mobile

Cf Mobile

Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurement

CF-Mobile is a compact instrument that determines simply and quick, the maturity of seeds through chlorophyll fluorescence. The seeds are place in a aluminum tray and within minutes the results are shown into easy to use programs to determine various factors to consider for maturity levels of the seeds.

CF mobile can determines the seed chlorophyll content simply, fast and non-destructively. The machine can be used in the production field, at the seed processing / warehouse area or in a seed lab.

Giving you the data on seed maturity test and accuracy, so that you can make better decisions in seed harvesting time, quality and warehouse (storage) management.

Chlorophyll level on a seed is linked to the maturity of that seed while this maturity determines the potential of germination, vigor and shelf life of the seed.

Picture1 CF


  • Portable
  • Manual operation
  • Built-in PC, Touch-screen operated
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Get result in 2-3 minute
  • Single seed control
  • Touch-screen operated
  • Different tray for different crop
  • Combined analysis (e.g. CF / visual)
  • Suitable for various crops
  • The instrument is built in a rugged case.
  • The power cable is situated on the outside.
  • Requirement is a connection to 220 VAC mains.



  • To be used in the field: indication of seed maturity, for harvesting decision
  • To be used in seed inventory: indication for storability, indication for seed inventory
  • To be used in the warehouse: by intake of fresh harvested seed lots, for premium calculations, by seed sorting as a quick indicator
  • To be used in the seed lab: as a measurement of maturity, as an indicator for storability, as an indicator for seed quality
  • To be used for upgrade/enhance seed quality: by sorting seed into different fraction
  • Fast and non-destructively method, easy for operation and cost effective


Technical Specifications


Picture1 CF spec