VideometerLab Agri


The VideoMeter Agri Specific Version is a vision-based laboratory equipment designed for fast and accurate determination of surface color texture and chemical composition. The unit is an easy-to-use system integrating illumination, camera and computer technology with advanced digital image analysis and statistics. The technology is particularly useful for quantitative measurements of chemical and visual properties of samples or surfaces.

VideoMeter Agri Specific Version can measure color, texture, shape, size, orientation and gloss, providing product and process information in many areas. For example of seed and grain study, we studied the purity of corn feed, rice grain quality, physical purity, polymer coverage and germination seed.


  • Germination counts
  • Root length measurements
  • Disease pressure
  • Imbibition time
  • Chlorophyll & maturity
  • Single seed leakage
  • Seed quality aspects
  • Phytotoxicity levels
  • Cracks and mechanical damage
  • Chemical application
  • A complete layout of the optimal cleaning and upgrading route through the factory


Features and Benefits

  • Non-destructive analysis based upon multispectral analysis
  • Fast and accurate determination
  • High versatility measurement
  • Focusing on certain and/or specific areas of sample
  • May easily be combined with other measurements
  • Systematic and automated generation and updating of models linking first-level and secondary-level attributes
  • Data mining resource
  • Online databases
  • Cost efficient
  • Automated single measurement
  • Filter systems for excitation(fluorescence) measurements


spec VDM



Picture1 VDM